Organizations that devote their philanthropic efforts toward the development of communities aim to promote economic growth and stability through a variety of ways. These may include increased access to affordable housing, enhancement of public and private institutions, or generating community involvement. Below are some of the best charities dedicated to building foundations for communities all over the world.

Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation

Serving the Lake Tahoe area between the border of California and Nevada, the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation promotes the collaboration of philanthropists and non-profits in order to build a consistent source of community capital. Addressing a broad range of issues, this organization manages charitable funds for families, businesses, and other organizations to provide assistance in their attempts to develop a beneficial effort.

Beginning in 1996, PTCF spends 91.8% of their expenses on programs and services dedicated to their cause, and last year, awarded over $4.7 million to 251 charitable organizations focusing in areas like community support, arts & culture, education, and environmental conservation.

Community Foundation of New Jersey

Beginning in 1979, the Community Foundation of New Jersey has worked tirelessly every year since in forming alliances between families, businesses, and foundations in order to improve the lives of those within these communities. Focusing on a wide range of causes, CFNJ allows donors to choose where their money goes, whether that encapsulates specific causes, organizations, or communities. Those who come to the foundation with ideas of their own are highly sought after, as innovation in how communities are improved is ideal. As of today, CFNJ contributes to over 1,100 different funds.

Austin Community Foundation

With 94.7% of their earnings going directly toward charitable programs and services, the Austin Community Foundation has set the bar in fostering an “ecosystem of philanthropy,” improving the greater Austin area. ACF provides the tools necessary for donors to effectively give, grants for non-profits, and leadership in areas that may otherwise be lacking such guidance. Founded in 1977, the foundation has since become the third largest charitable organization in Central Texas, and averages more than $20 million annually thanks to donor advised funds.


Regarded as a foundation of philanthropic funds, FJC was established in 1995 in New York, NY to give philanthropists a trustworthy foundation of donor advised funds for those who wish to improve the ways they give back to their communities. FJC aims to maximize the impact their donations have on the causes of their choice, create new solutions in philanthropy, and work closely with donors to ensure efficiency. Since their establishment, they have given over $270 million in grants to charities all over the word, and manage over $255 million in assets. Even more impressively, 98.2% of their program expenses are spent directly on the services they deliver.