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4 Veterans Charities That Truly Give Back

Kevan Casey

A common misconception today is that all charities who advertise themselves as helping United States veterans give all of their funds directly to those veterans and their families. Unfortunately, this is not true. Some organizations, like the National Veterans Service Fund, pay more to solicitors than they do to the actual intended recipients of their charities, with many filing improper or inaccurate IRS reports. Luckily, there are those who truly aid in veterans readjusting to civilian life, dealing with post-traumatic stress, and recovering from injuries sustained on the battlefield. Below are just a few of many whose efforts greatly benefit those who risked their lives in the name of the United States.

AMVETS National Service Foundation

Spending almost 73% of all of their expenses on programs and services, AMVETS opened its doors in 1948 with the goal to give veterans the benefits they deserve, and help them re-acclimate to the life of a standard civilian. Some of their services include running thrift stores to serve veterans and raise funds for them, offer scholarships for those seeking to continue their education, and contribute to work in hospitals and health care facilities specializing in work with veterans.

Fisher House Foundation

Losing a family member in the armed services is no easy task. That is where the Fisher House Foundation comes in. Helping families of deceased or injured veterans for over 25 years, this organization provides housing for relatives near every major military medical center in the United States to allow them to be near their beloved veteran while they undergo treatment, or services for those whose veterans have passed on. With an astounding 91% of their expenses going directly towards their programs and services, Fisher House is able to help approximately 10,000 families per year during their time of need.

Operation Homefront

As of January 2014, there were roughly 50,000 homeless veterans in the United States, making up 8.6% of the homeless population within the country. Operation Homefront in San Antonio, Texas aims to reduce that number as much as possible, providing food, moving assistance, transportation, home goods, and financial assistance to veterans and their families experiencing such hardships. CharityWatch regards them as veterans’ best options in times of emergency, and to no surprise. 92% of their earnings are spent on the good of the veterans.

Wounded Warriors Family Support

Different from the Wounded Warrior Project, the Wounded Warriors Family Support is an organization specializing in assisting the loved ones of injured veterans. This charity offers retreats for these families as a way of relaxing during times of stress, while also caring for the veterans themselves through several programs. Some of these include welding programs in coordination with the United Auto Workers Union and Ford, as well as a respite program for the caregivers of injured veterans, with 83% of their income being directly contributed to these services.

If you are interested in learning more or donating to any one of these truly beneficial charities, simply click on the names above to visit their websites.

The Importance of Giving Back to Your Community

No matter who you are, giving back is incredibly important. People give back in lots of different ways, such as donating to relief funds, donating regularly to single or multiple charities, or volunteering. There are endless opportunities for you to help other people. There are also various reasons why you should. While large corporations often start their own philanthropies and utilize charity as a way to benefit their businesses, it’s also important to give back in ways that don’t provide you with any kind of business gain. However you prefer to give to charity, try to make time to focus on giving back to your personal community, especially if you’re a leader in that community. There are various reasons why you should do so.

  • Change someone’s life

Most importantly, volunteering and supporting your local community might give you the opportunity to change someone’s life. When you give back, be attentive to the people or cause you’re working with. You may be able to do something that could significantly help someone who’s in a bad situation and make even more of a difference than you already are. If you work with children, you have the opportunity to become a lifelong mentor to a child who needs you.

  • Strengthen your community

Overall, giving back to your local community will strengthen that community. It benefits everyone that lives there, including you. Having a stronger community will bring more business and opportunities to it, which will help local businesses and people and also make the town a better place to live. A better community will mean safer, healthier, and happier lives for the residents.

  • Grow as a person

Giving back allows you to have an opportunity to grow as a person. You’ll gain a new perspective that you wouldn’t have otherwise by getting in contact with people and organizations you wouldn’t regularly see. You may also discover a new field that you feel passionate about and can pursue a career in.

  • Develop new skills

In addition to learning more about yourself, you’ll be able to develop new skills. Maybe you’ll be working with children and can utilize those skills when you’re a parent one day. Or, maybe you’re working on constructing something and learn different tricks you can implement in your own home. You’ll also develop your communication skills and be able to relate to various kinds of people more easily.

  • You’ll feel good

Finally, you’ll just feel good! Your self-esteem will be boosted knowing you’re working hard to make a difference in someone else’s life. In addition to emotional and mental well-being, giving back can also benefit your physical health. Those positive emotions can make you feel less tired and stressed, but you’ll also receive physical benefits from moving around or being outside that you might not get when you work all day and then head home for the night.

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