In the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire, the initial shock was felt worldwide. People from countries all over were amazed at how unprepared the developers of the building were in terms of safety and fire prevention, and how easily this disaster could have been prevented. Following this event however, volunteers and donation began to pour in for the survivors who have lost their homes, and communities banded together in order to give all that they could. This showed just how impactful togetherness and community foundations dedicated to helping can be.

These foundations are established to support those in need, and bring communities together in the wake of tragic events. With a wealth of knowledge about the areas in which they operate, community foundations are able to direct contributions from outsiders to where they will make the biggest impact, as well as ensure that this support is continued, rather than ending after media coverage has died down.

In the case of the Grenfell Tower fire, people were left without homes, food, and clothing, prompting thousands of United Kingdom citizens to search for the best foundation to donate to. Many turned to the London Community Foundation and the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund, which has since raised £1,775,000 on behalf of those who were affected by this disaster. Through donations and grants, these foundations are planning on working tirelessly until each victim is identified and well taken care of.

Like many fundraisers, the efforts of those who wish to contribute begin to subside once the cameras leave and media coverage slows. It’s a sad reality that occurs very often. Without people being reminded daily that the victims of tragedies suffer long after donations are received, they will stop supporting them. That is not to say that they stop caring, but rather, the foundations instilled to help these victims are left with little to work with. The London Community Foundation however, wishes to end that trend.
The LCF plans to assist with relocation, replacement of possessions, and grief counselling, working with communities all over London to ensure everyone affected by the fire is cared for, and receives the proper goods and support they need to get back on their feet. This shows just how beneficial community-based foundations can be following disastrous events that leave individuals stricken with grief, having lost items and endured emotional trauma.