Kevan Casey is an accomplished Kevan Caseybusiness executive, experienced investor, and active community leader born and raised in the Houston metro area.

Kevan Casey launched his career by joining the family business at the bottom rung of the ladder. The importance of both family and community had been instilled within his value system at a very young age, and Kevan embraced the opportunity to experience first-hand each and every business function. This provided him unique access to the realities that team members faced on the ground level of every business process, as well as the chance to build meaningful relationships with those around him.

Over time, Kevan Casey earned his position among the firm’s executive leadership. His path to management had exposed him a wide variety of styles, all of which continue to inform his approach to leadership today. Kevan is a staunch advocate for his team members, believing deeply that everyone, regardless of their seniority or title within an organization, deserves the right to contribute positively. He treats all his staff members as equals and with respect, earning the same in return.

Eventually, the family agreed to sell the firm. Kevan Casey soon established his own tech company in 1998, was the first of a series of successful entrepreneurial ventures continuing into the early 2000’s. At that point in time, Kevan chose to pivot and begin investing a larger portion of his time and resource into the oil and gas industry. Most recently, Kevan began cementing his reputation as a business leader within the self-storage industry.

Throughout his career, Kevan Casey has remained unwavering in his dedication to his local community.

No business exists in a vacuum, and Kevan understands well the importance of giving back. Among the causes about which he is most passionate are education, health, and poverty alleviation.

Kevan Casey knows that as both a business and community leader, it is absolutely crucial to be active beyond the office place and as more than just an open checkbook. Combining efforts in charitable activities brings people together to share their voice and work jointly for a greater impact in driving change. Because what is good for our community is good for each of us – in that individuals in thriving, happy communities are generally happier themselves – there is a significant way in which giving comes back to benefit the giver. This feedback loop is wonderful, but, ultimately, Kevan believes that our motivation to give is rooted in more than just feeling good. Giving allows all of us to find a sense of meaning through community.